Faculty Awardees

New Diagnostic Tools for Transthyretin Amyloidoses: Focus on an Early Diagnosis Biomarker
Jeff Kelly, PhD

A Cell-Based, Non-infectious, Platform For Drug Repurposing Screen To Discover Inhibitors Of Hemorrhagic Fever Arenaviruses
Juan C. de la Torre, PhD

Defining the tissue bioavailability of small molecule ER proteotoxic regulators to treat protein misfiling diseases
Luke Wiseman, PhD

Development of a single-test unbiased pathogen detection platform
Kristian G. Andersen, PhD

Colorectal Cancer Hematologic and Neoplasmic Genomics (CHANGE) Trial
Ali Torkamani, PhD

Click-Seq: Novel methods for single HIV genome sequencing
Bruce Torbett, PhD

KL2 Scholar Awardees

Investigating the possibility of a genetic predisposition to hospital and ICU delirium
Stuti Jaiswal, MD, PhD

Discovery of novel markers for early diagnosis of type 1 diabetes using single cell expression
Brian Abe, MD, PhD

Assessment of Physician Mental Health Using Voice Analysis, Physiological Metrics and Smartphone Enabled Behavioral Modification
Paddy Barrett, MD, BCh, BAO, MRCPI, MCTI

Shotgun Epigenetics: A genome-wide, multi-dimensional strategy to study epigenetic regulation of memory CD4 T cell activation and immune networks in Ulcerative Colitis
Gauree Konijeti, MD

Faculty Awardees

Mechanisms and consequences of mosaic APP amplification in sporadic AD neurons
Jerold Chun, MD, PhD

A cell-based, non-infectious, platform for drug repurposing screen to discover inhibitors of hemorrhagic fever arena viruses
Juan C. de la Torre, PhD

Establishment of a liver organic-derived culture system for hepatitis B virus antiviral screening
Urtzi Garagorta, PhD

Repeat-associated non-ATG translation in Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy
Joel Gottesfeld, PhD

Epigenetic Changes in CpG methylation status in the blood of patients with kidney transplant rejection: Mapping immune networks and predicting risk of rejection
Dan Salomon, MD

Click-Seq: Novel methods for single HIV genome sequencing
Bruce Torbett, PhD

A digital karyotyping screen of circulating DNA for early cancer detection
Ali Torkamani, PhD