Lauren Ariniello




Research Associate

Lauren is a Research Data Specialist in Digital Medicine, supporting the recruitment and retention strategies for mSToPS, a national study to screen for atrial fibrillation using a heart rate monitoring device via web-based enrollment. Prior to working in Digital Medicine, Lauren worked on genomics and wireless health trials evaluating patient experiences. She also worked on generating induced pluripotent stem cells from the Wellderly and GeneHeart studies to further characterize the 9p21 region and its effect on cardiovascular disease. Lauren supported the circulating endothelial cells and human tumor sequencing studies through sample management and preparation for sequencing. Lauren is also the internship coordinator at STSI, establishing and maintaining relationships with local student and Life Science organizations. She has lectured on research related topics to professional and community audiences, with a notable platform talk at the American Society of Human Genetics in 2014.

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from University of California – Los Angeles.